Dveri-Pax Brut Classic 2011

መደበኛ ዋጋ
€ 17.00
የሽያጭ ዋጋ
€ 17.00
ግብር ተካትቷል. መላኪያ የተሰላ በ checkout.
መጠኑ 1 ወይም ከዚያ በላይ መሆን አለበት

ዴቭሪ-ፓክስ Brut Classic 2011

Variety: chardonnay 70%, Pinot Noir 30%

አመጣጥ-እስስቲያ ስሎvenንያ

Harvesting: hand harvested, vineyard: Weigen.

Vinification: Classic method, 36 months of yeast maturation, with no added sugar.

ትንታኔ ውሂብ

አልኮል: 12.50%
Total acids: 6.45 g / l
የስኳር ቅሪት 3.20 ግ / l
የወይኑ መግለጫ

The color is a gentle lemon yellow. The bubbles are tiny, lively and numerous. The flower is tender, ripe. Although the notes that are acquired over time and with the decay of yeast are discrete, they are clearly detectable and colorful. It is dominated by bread crust, lemon zest, roasted hazelnuts, caramel, and ripe apples. It is very dry in the mouth, the bubbles are tiny, the foaming is fine, the acids are lively. The taste in the mouth is selected and complex, and despite its maturity, the sparkling wine is very lively and in excellent shape.

ከምግብ ጋር መመሳሰል

Due to its exceptional dryness and delicacy, it is an excellent aperitif, due to its slightly fuller texture, you can continue it calmly towards the first appetizer or even longer.

የበሰለ ችሎታ

It can be matured peacefully for another three to five years. Drink between 2018 and 2025.