Dveri-Pax Sauvignon V 2011

መደበኛ ዋጋ
€ 20.90
የሽያጭ ዋጋ
€ 20.90
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መጠኑ 1 ወይም ከዚያ በላይ መሆን አለበት

ዴቭሪ-ፓክስ Sauvignon V 2011

Variety Composition: Sauvignon 100%

አመጣጥ-እስስቲያ ስሎvenንያ

Harvesting: Hand-harvested, "late harvesting". Vineyard: Weigen.

Vinification: 36 months in smaller used and new wooden barrels. Mature on fine lees.

የወይኑ መግለጫ

The color is deep, golden yellow. The flower is ripe, accentuated, diverse and full of caramel, honey and herbs. In the mouth it is dry, full, bold, body and intense taste, which is spread throughout the oral cavity where it persists, persists ...

ከምግብ ጋር መመሳሰል

Main courses with white meat and dense spicy sauces.