Arርል Morissette Cuvée Dix - Neuvimeme Chardonnay 2013 ፣ arርል ሞሪስሴ ፣

Pearl Morissette Cuvee Dix - Neuvieme Chardonnay 2013

Pearl Morissette
መደበኛ ዋጋ
€ 42.00
የሽያጭ ዋጋ
€ 42.00
ግብር ተካትቷል. መላኪያ በምዝገባ መውጣት ላይ ተሰልቷል.
መጠኑ 1 ወይም ከዚያ በላይ መሆን አለበት

Arርል ሞስሴት ቼቭ ዲክ - ኒዬሜ ቻርዶኔ 2013

A classic Chardonnay structure on the nose. A wonderful nuttiness with fine butter biscuit nuances. The fruit flavors come from stone fruit, ripe nectarine, mango, but also fine pear and light warm citrus flavors like mandarins. In the mouth with a juicy, creamy texture, not too fat, although the wood is of course noticeable. Nicely subtly installed, here too rather nutty, especially the finest hazelnut in the back aroma. Behind everything comes almost unexpectedly a refreshing acidity, the phenolic gives another pithy bite. A little reminiscent of Patz & Hall in its style, a really beautiful, powerful Chardonnay.